Age of Actors who Played the Doctor

Comparing the 50-somethings shows just how fragile Billy Hartnell was for his age. (To be fair, that probably had more to do with arteriosclerosis, the show’s 48-episode/year work schedule, and post-Verity Lambert producers resenting his salary being 4 times more than his costars.) Hartnell loved being the Doctor and didn’t want to go. One thing’s […]

Third American Doctor: James Garner

1970-1974. Honorable mention: Hal Holbrook Supporting Cast Dr. Elizabeth Shaw: Susan Sullivan Brigadier General Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart: J. D. Cannon The Master: Ricardo Montalbán James Garner was an established star before Doctor Who. Garner infused the charcater with an a cynical, yet easy-going charm. His Doctor was a man of action, technology and paternal compassion. […]

First American Doctor: Ray Walston

1963-1966. Honorable mentions: Ossie Davis, Buddy Ebsen, Fred MacMurray, Don Ameche, Phil Silvers and Jonathan Harris Supporting Cast Susan Foreman: Patty Duke Ian Chesterton: Chad Everett Barbara Wright: Diane Brewster Ray Walston was best known for his role as the title character of Doctor Who. His 15 years of stage, film and television fueled his […]