The Second Doctor: “It’s a fact. I do get involved.”

Peter (ThisThus) on “The War Games“, Patrick Troughton’s final Doctor Who serial:

“What struck me upon was the sadness at Jaime’s and Zoe’s leaving. [The Time Lords sent them back to their own times, erasing their memories beyond their first encounter with the Doctor.] But after the heartbreak of Donna forgetting her time with the Doctor, the loss that Jaime and Zoe will not know that they suffered struck me as particularly distressing. Especially as Troughton was generally a more concerned and caring Doctor than his previous incarnation.”

The author’s dead-on assessment of Troughton’s performance:

“Indeed, what I most like about Troughton’s Doctor is his expressiveness, the way his face displays joy and sorrow, sadness and ferocity, concern and anger. Where Hartnell was contained, Troughton is expansive.”

Hartnell’s last laugh in “The Three Doctors“.

“The War Games” photo colored by Tom Newsom

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