Peter Davison, Unlikely Hero

After playing the Fifth Doctor for three years, Peter Davison relinquished the celery to revive his career. Interviewed in Boston by Starlog Magazine, 1988.The itinerary to Peter Davison’s recent United States WhoCon Tour reads more like it belongs to a rock star rather than a onetime Doctor Who. Though hardly the equivalent of a Bruce […]

Fifth American Doctor: Mark Harmon

1982–84. Honorable mentions: Michael Gross, David Michael Hasselhoff, Pierce Brosnan, Michael Keaton Supporting CastAdric: Lee CurreriNyssa: Heather LocklearTegan Jovanka: Diana CanovaThe Master: Edward Mulhare Mark Harmon was chosen as a physical contrast to Barry Newman, as well as for his critically acclaimed role in the prime time soap opera Flamingo Road. At 29 years old, […]