Heaven Sent: Doctor Whodini, The Man Who Walked Through Walls

“Heaven Sent” is an entertaining, experimental, and well constructed one-man show. Sometimes abstract metaphor tells a better story than literal expression. Picking right up from “Face The Raven,” the Doctor continues his typically Moffat macho threats. This Kirk-like bragging, which started at the end of Matt Smith’s first episode “The Eleventh Hour,” is directly opposed […]

Zygon Inversion: Break the Cycle

War, what is it good for? Whether it be between two people, entire countries, or between races of beings…absolutely nothing. “The only way anyone can live in peace, is if they’re prepared to forgive.”Clara has found herself within a dream before. She knows what to do. “Dream checks” we hear her saying as she flips […]

Peter Davison, Unlikely Hero

After playing the Fifth Doctor for three years, Peter Davison relinquished the celery to revive his career. Interviewed in Boston by Starlog Magazine, 1988.The itinerary to Peter Davison’s recent United States WhoCon Tour reads more like it belongs to a rock star rather than a onetime Doctor Who. Though hardly the equivalent of a Bruce […]