Fifth American Doctor: Mark Harmon

1982–84. Honorable mentions: Michael Gross, David Michael Hasselhoff, Pierce Brosnan, Michael Keaton Supporting CastAdric: Lee CurreriNyssa: Heather LocklearTegan Jovanka: Diana CanovaThe Master: Edward Mulhare Mark Harmon was chosen as a physical contrast to Barry Newman, as well as for his critically acclaimed role in the prime time soap opera Flamingo Road. At 29 years old, […]

Fourth American Doctor: Barry Newman

1974–81. Honorable mentions: Paul Sand, Ronny Cox, Henry Darrow, Steve Landesberg Supporting Cast Sarah Jane Smith: Cindy Williams Harry Sullivan: Ken Howard Hilda Winters: Diana Muldaur Barry Newman‘s breakout performance as the brash, gonzo attorney Tony Petrocelli in The Lawyer (with Doctor Who costar Diana Muldaur) won him the role of the fourth Doctor. Newman […]

Third American Doctor: James Garner

1970-1974. Honorable mention: Hal Holbrook Supporting Cast Dr. Elizabeth Shaw: Susan Sullivan Brigadier General Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart: J. D. Cannon The Master: Ricardo Montalbán James Garner was an established star before Doctor Who. Garner infused the charcater with an a cynical, yet easy-going charm. His Doctor was a man of action, technology and paternal compassion. […]

First American Doctor: Ray Walston

1963-1966. Honorable mentions: Ossie Davis, Buddy Ebsen, Fred MacMurray, Don Ameche, Phil Silvers and Jonathan Harris Supporting Cast Susan Foreman: Patty Duke Ian Chesterton: Chad Everett Barbara Wright: Diane Brewster Ray Walston was best known for his role as the title character of Doctor Who. His 15 years of stage, film and television fueled his […]


American Idiot

What if… Doctor Who were made in America? Tumblr user Smug Mode reimagined Doctor Who with American actors (Classic Who | Nu Who). We’re taking this concept a bit further, pretending Doctor Who is produced by British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) counterpart National Educational Television (NET), which got replaced by Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) in 1970. […]